Our Mission

SMBs suffer across the world when it comes to payments and financing. We are here to fix it!

“I have clients who have huge profits, but no cash flow”

– Cristian Gomez – VP of D Castell Trading – China 🇨🇳 Colombia 🇨🇴 and Spain 🇪🇸

But it’s about more than just cash management—it’s about invoicing, trade assurance, and payments too.

“I am willing to pay 2-3% of the transaction value to be more confident in my trading counter party and their payment history”

– Mauricio Perez – CEO of Construtec Colombia 🇨🇴

SaaS with a simple payments layer is not the answer

Neither is a lending portal

Customers want an integrated platform for safe, secure, and affordable trade

“Supplier financing is very tricky for us as a multi-national public company.”

-Josh Berg – Magna Corporation – Largest Automotive Supplier in North America