SMB Financing is Broken

We are here to fix it.

Alisio is an international cash management platform

that integrates financial back-office systems and payments
to unlock access to growth capital and promote trade

Alisio leverages SaaS with embedded finance to help users get payments faster, at a lower cost of capital – with less credit risk.

Manage Invoices, Payments and Financing in one Simple Platform

Switch between third-party-funded Supply Chain Finance and self-funded Dynamic Discounting or run both programs simultaneously. Suppliers will have a unified experience and can rest assured that they will have consistent access to funds.

Enable suppliers to access early payment on outstanding receivables. Support your growth, reduce your receivable risks, and boost your cash position easily.

Qualify for 30, 60, 90 day financing and extend payment terms to partners.


Save money on international transactions with access to payments in +130 countries. Utilize virtual accounts and minimize foreign exchange risk

Manage payments from our platform without having to use your bank.

Treasury Simplified

Empower your controller with the tools that multinationals use to manage invoicing and payments

Trade Assurance

Expand into new markets with the safety and security of pre-screened payment partners and trade credit.

Creating invoices is free with Alisio – you pay for payments and financing

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About Us


SMB Finance through technology

Our founding team has experience in the US, Hong Kong, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. We have spent decades focused on SMB payment and financing solutions including Gyaan Tel and AvidXchange (AVDX -NASDAQ)

About our name

Why Alisio?

Since the 14th Century, merchants have used the trade winds or ventos alisios in Spanish to connect the world. The Portuguese called them the volta do mar (literally a turn in the sea). The winds enabled ships to reach far off destinations in record time. International commerce would have never taken place if it were not for the ventos alisios.

In the 21st century, many trade barriers have been lifted, but financing and payment barriers remain. Alisio is here to change that.